Something is wrong.  Our current healthcare delivery system is unintentionally harming patients we are supposed to be helping. Providers are exhausted, frustrated, and depressed.  We are experiencing outcomes no one intends, and we have been unable to create significant change.  Many are now calling not just for change, but transformation.

How can we start transforming towards success, safety, and value?

The same way all transformation starts.  Change the way we think.  One person at a time.

The high reliability mindset dramatically reorients our perspective and actions by asking us to accept some realities about the nature of the things we interact with and the way they intersect in high-risk work. Then it teaches us ways to think, act, and create systems to achieve our goals.

The culture, systems, and environment can be developed in ways that truly promote safety, and ultimately support the individual to think and act in ways that achieve success and safety in a complex, unpredictable environment.

Be Highly Reliable is dedicated to inspiring and equipping YOU with the high reliability mindset.